Young People’s Steering Group

Our youth work as a distinctive educational practice founded on a voluntary relationship with young people and shaped by their agendas.

The Young People’s Steering Group

Our Young People’s steering group – sits alongside our Trustee board and ensures that Outreach youth continues to meet the needs of LGBT*Q+ young people.

We are currently working with young people attending our LGBT*Q+ youth groups to plan the way the steering group will work, what it will do and how young people can get involved.

We are asking them the following questions:

Question one

What sort of things could the Young People’s Steering group be involved in?

They have said:

  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Session Planning
  • Fundraising events

Question two

How do we identify who is involved in the Young People’s Steering group?

Ensuring that Outreach Youth continues to meet the real needs of LGBT*Q+ young people

They have said:

  • Voluntary – open to all,
  • Include one person from each social group
  • Self-selecting – nominate self
  • Vote in representatives

Question three

How will we know that the Young People’s Steering group is making a difference?

They have said:

  • Some Feedback and Regular Updates,
  • Survey or talk to other people,
  • Take pictures
  • More young people involved in doing stuff


OY Young People’s Co-Production Meeting – Friday 29th December 2017

At this meeting young people were asked to think about
– what happen to them as a result of coming along to OY
– how do they know this
– how would we know this
and plan our open event

here the notes from that meeting  2017-12-29 YP’s Co- Production meeting