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We believe in the importance of creating spaces where LGBT*Q+ young people of colour’s racial, cultural, spiritual, and religious identities are centred.

SOUL – celebrates, uplifts, supports, and empowers young people of colour who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer or Questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity, aged under 19 years, across Suffolk.

Explore, Celebrate and LOVE who you are through meaningful connections with other LGBT*Q+ young people of colour and experienced LGBT*Q+ POC youth workers.

17th June 2022

During Pride month in June, we held the first-ever SOUL event, which we called a SOUL Lounge Pride, where we had LGBT*Q+ young people of colour come and perform music & spoken word in a space specifically for LGBT*Q+ young people of colour supported by allies.

The response from the community was really amazing and we are planning more events.

Hear Isiah on BBC Belongings talking all things PRIDE.


Get in touch with Isiah, our SOUL Youth Worker, to learn more about what we have planned.