One to One support

We also offer One to One support for young people who are or think they might be Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity, but would prefer the opportunity to meet up with an experienced LGBT*Q+ youth worker.

Our One to One support is not counselling and our Youth Workers are not counsellors.

We want to provide a service that supports LGBT*Q+ young people and recognise that the emotional needs of individual LGBT*Q+ young people are different and change over time.

Our One to One support can be requested by young people themselves, their school or professionals working with them and their parents/carers.

Our One to One support looks to focus on the following areas:

  • talking about a young persons feelings about there sexuality and/or gender identity
  • improving emotional well being
  • building the ability to bounce back from difficult situations (resilience)
  • building healthy relationships
  • supporting and empowering individuals to reach their potential
  • building self-esteem and self confidence
  • improving communication between parents, family and friends
  • keeping safe


Who can access our One to One support?

Any young LGBT*Q+ person and who is wanting support with any of the following areas;

  • wants to discuss their sexuality and/or gender identity and linked issues
  • being bullied
  • would benefit from advice in building relationships and keeping safe
  • not in education, training or employment
  • has low self esteem or depression
  • is isolated
  • experiencing emotional difficulties
  • practicing unsafe sex
  • at risk of all forms of exploitation
  • not meeting their full potential

We hope that any young people accessing One to One to support are open and receptive to meeting, receiving support and working for change.


What happens in a One to One session?

All One to One sessions are arranged at places, times and frequency to meet the needs of the young person.
Our One to One sessions are confidential – information is only shared with permission or if the Youth Worker assess that the safety of a young person is compromised.

The time spent with a LGBT*Q+ Youth Worker means that the young person will be in a relationship that is non-judgemental and aims to assist in empowering the young person to take control of their own lives through;

  • support
  • guidance
  • or signposting

During the One to One sessions young people begin to develop an understanding of their feelings and experiences. over time they will learn to deal more appropriately with situations and life’s adversities.

We understand the difficulties faced by LGBT*Q+ young people and have a team that are dedicated and skilled at meeting the needs and expectations of young people through a person centred approach.


How can I access one to one support?

We will then contact you direct.