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Support to LGBT*Q+ young people and their families

We are able to offer support to young LGBT*Q+ people and their families – if you have a young person who thinks this would be useful for them – please ask them to complete the information form below and return it to us, we will then make contact with them – to arrange a ‘hello’ meeting.

OY-Young Peoples Information Form – May 23 

We welcome partnerships with schools and colleges that will improve the life experiences and chances for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer or Questioning young people.

We hope that schools will have identified the support and interventions that they feel would be appropriate to address the issues identified in their school/college. Schools and colleges will also be aware of the need for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer and Questioning identities and role models to be visible within the community as a method of challenging prejudice and stereotypes and raising aspirations.

Outreach youth can offer

LGBT*Q+ Awareness Workshops

  • typically led as part of PSE or collapsed curriculum days and co-facilitated by LGBT*Q+ young people

LGBT*Q+ groups in School

  • supporting the development and running of LGBT*Q+ support groups in schools.

LGBT*Q+ Assemblies & Presentations

  • typically delivered to highlight significant LGBT events or dates – and co-facilitated by LGBT*Q+ young people

LGBT*Q+ Youth resources

  • posters, flyers, leaflets etc. that can be displayed throughout the school and made available to staff to share with LGBT*Q+ students and/or parents

 Activities for LGBT*Q+ events/dates

  • information stands or other activities for significant LGBT*Q+ events or dates –such as LGBT*Q+ History Month, National ‘Coming Out’ Day etc.

 Information Stalls for School Events

  • information stands about Outreach youth at Parents Evenings, Freshers Fairs,  other school events/occasions and in the school dining areas during lunchtimes.

Information, advice and guidance for staff about individual LGBT*Q+ students’ wellbeing

  • available when required via face-to-face meetings or by telephone.

For further details and costs please contact us via our Contact Form


Last Updated: 19/06/23