Schools & other professionals

Schools and colleges

We welcome partnerships with schools and colleges that will improve the life experiences and chances for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer or Questioning young people.

We hope that schools will have identified the support and interventions that they feel would be appropriate to address the issues identified in their school/college. Schools and colleges will also be aware of the need for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer and Questioning  identities and role models to be visible within the community as a method of challenging prejudice and stereotypes and raising aspirations.

This menu is to enable discussions about what can be offered, but schools may have in mind other approaches that they think that Outreach Youth can support. We would also encourage schools/colleges to  consider how the interventions will be evaluated and impact monitored.

Support to LGBT*Q+ young people and their families

we are able to offer support to young LGBT*Q+ people and their families – if you have a young person who thinks this would be useful please us the Outreach youth Referral form

LGBT*Q+ Awareness & Challenging Homo/Bi/Transphobia Workshops

– typically led as part of PSE or collapsed curriculum days and co-facilitated by LGBT*Q+ young people

LGBT*Q+ Assemblies & Presentations

– typically delivered to highlight significant LGBT events or dates – and co-facilitated by LGBT*Q+ young people

Training for LGBT*Q+ Allies Groups, Peer Mentors and Student Councils

– in depth LGBT*Q+ Awareness & Challenging Homo/Bi/Transphobia training for students that have a role in the school of supporting or advocating for other students. Ongoing advice and support available from Outreach Youth.

LGBT*Q+ Youth resources

– posters, flyers, leaflets etc. that can be displayed throughout the school and made available to staff to share with LGBTU students and/or parents

 Activities for LGBT*Q+ events / dates

– information stands or other activities for significant LGBT events or dates –such as LGBT History Month, National ‘Coming Out’ Day etc.

 Information Stalls for School Events

– information stands about Outreach youth at Parents Evenings, Freshers Fairs,  other school events/occasions and in the school dining areas during lunchtimes.

Information, advice and guidance for staff about individual LGBT*Q+ students’ wellbeing

– available when required via face to face meetings or by telephone.

For further details and costs please contact us via our Contact Form


Last Updated: 23/08/17