Outreach youth Buddies are young LGBT+Q+ people who have been attending the Outreach youth LGBT*Q+ youth groups for at least six months and want to offer support to new young people.

A small group of young people worked with staff to design the Buddies project – together they identified

– their own experiences of coming along for the first time,
– what new young people need to know,
– what a Buddy would do
– what qualities a Buddy needs.

The young people felt that Buddies would

Meet and greet new young people, so that they can feel comfortable in the project and this would include
– showing new young people round the project
– introducing them to other young people
– explaining about the Facebook page
– making sure the young person is encouraged to come along and take part

Young people agreed that all Buddies must attend an initial training session and then Buddy meetings throughout the year.

First Buddy Training Session

Our first Buddy Training session took place on Friday 29th September 2017 – the training consisted of

Welcome & Introductions
Why Are We Here?
Roles & Responsibilities
Buddy Process

When young people evaluated the session they said;

What were the best things about this session?
– Quick, concise and detailed
– We managed to talk about some things to help our understanding of our roles
– Group discussion regarding the topics
– Feedback from others ideas
– Noting good points

What would you change about the session?
– More training, less discussion
– Have the other buddies here
– Less formal?
– Maybe provide a small booklet?

What did you learn?
– What we as buddies expect of our role and our position
– I learnt about what we need to report to Andy and how to go about making the new person feel comfortable
– What other buddies value
– What to expect and what we can do

How do you feel about becoming an Outreach youth Buddy after this session?
– Happy! Feel like progress is happening!
– I feel good & more confident
– Pumped

Anything else you would like to say?
– It is nice to be helping
– Nah fam
– Thanks for the opportunity, I guess?

                         Buddy Training

Our Buddy scheme is supported by funding from Suffolk Community Foundation through the Youth Social Action Fund #iwill

Last Updated: 08/05/18