LGBTQ+ Youth

About our LGBT*Q+ Youth Groups

Our  LGBT*Q+ Youth Groups provide young people with the opportunity to:

  • meet other LGBT*Q+ young people,
  • make new friends,
  • chat and relax,
  • take part in activities,
  • plan events,
  • have fun
  • and just be yourself in a safe accepting space!

Our experienced LGBT*Q+ Youth Worker can also help you with anything from:

  • coming out,
  • sexual health,
  • relationships,
  • school,
  • transitioning,
  • finding a job
  • or just someone to talk to if you need it – they are there for you.

We currently run our LGBT*Q+ Youth Group in:


we are aware of the need for further groups in Bury St Edmunds and Colchester and are actively applying for funding to be able to provide these to support young LGBT*Q+ people

What other LGBT*Q+ young people say about our LGBT*Q+ Youth Group …

“It is the best youth group I have ever attended; everybody is friendly, I feel as if I fit in to the community, and people of all sexualities are there which  means that I don’t feel alone. It really helps me to cope with bullying I get at school and to make friends too.”

“It’s been the best three years of my life. I couldn’t envision my life without Outreach. I would have struggled so much without them.”

“From the first session I attended, my experience has been absolutely lovely. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and laden with jaffa cakes that I can only wish I found out about it sooner.”


What difference has our LGBT*Q Youth Groups made to young people?

“I can now feel normal and accepted by society. I feel as if I have a place I can go to other than home and feel as if I fit in. It’s really amazing to see how I’ve changed; before I was a gibbering wreck and now I am itching to support LGBT pride in any way I can! It’s completely transformed me. I just love outreach youth.”

“It’s been brilliant for me to meet other young lgbt+ people, and it’s given me a lot more confidence in my sexual orientation. I know asexuality isn’t accepted/believed in by a lot of people, even within the lgbt+ community, but everyone I’ve spoken to has been entirely supportive and accepting. It’s also helped me work out how to come out to my parents and explain myself properly, which is something I’d delayed doing for quite a while because I didn’t know how they’d react.”

“I’ve met people that I’ve become great friends with and those people actually care about me, it gives me a place to laugh and feel safe while also talking with other people who are interested in the same things that I am.”

 “I am much happier.”


If you want to come along to our LGBT*Q+ Youth Group:

If you are a young person you can contact us via our Contact Form

If you are a parent/carer you can contact us via our Contact Form

If you are a professional you can make a referral via our Contact Form