What Others Say About Us ….

We get lots of positive comments from young people, their parents and the professionals we work with.
Here are some of the recent comments we have received:

“Young people need friends, support and something to belong to, even if it‚Äôs an¬†idea of equality and that everything is going to be alright and THAT is what I¬†found in Outreach.I thought I was a late bloomer coming out at the age of 15 but what I really¬†learnt is that we are always learning, always changing. At Outreach I met¬†people from the age of 12 to the age of 21 that were so confident in themselves,¬†people that were ever changing, growing and GOODNESS that was¬†empowering. A place, a community where you could just sit, laugh and work¬†yourself out. No adults leaning over your shoulder saying ‚Äėyou can‚Äôt do that, it‚Äôs¬†just wrong‚Äô only people; young or old saying, ‚Äėit‚Äôs ok to try something, you do¬†you‚Äô.
The opportunities I‚Äôve had, the people I‚Äôve met, the things I‚Äôve discovered, I¬†could NOT begin to described the stories I‚Äôve heard and the impact it has had¬†on my life, my identity, I feel like I‚Äôve been walking blind my whole life, only¬†seeing the world through the perspective of status quo.”
A, 19.

“It’s a safe environment where I’m free from the judgement of other people and I feel like I confidently talk about my problems and get a serious answer”

“It’s nice to be able to talk to people in similar positions.”

“For me it’s the only time I ever leave and socialise if I don’t go I rarely leave my house also because I am not currently at school.”

“Outreach has helped my mental health a lot.”

“I think outreach is good for me because it actually made me realise my pansexuality. It’s just a comfortable space for getting people who are getting to grips with this kind of thing, and it’s probably what it did for me most.”

“I came from a really homophobic/transphobic family, if I don’t have outreach I don’t have anywhere when I can truly be respected and feel like myself, outreach has helped my though what has been a very bad year, its one space where I’ve felt safe and protected.”

“I just think being in a community like this is really beneficial to be honest.”

“Going has 100% helped my mental health honestly, still not great but much better than before I started going.”

“Being able to go to outreach gives me hope and something I can look forwards to, it’s something I miss from the moment I leave, outreach is the one place I can go to be somewhere I feel safe, it’s the one place where I don’t have to be scared to be myself.”

“While he was in his first year at sixth form, A. took part in a fund raiser and¬†then went along to Outreach to hand over the proceeds. He immediately¬†identified with the young people and the adults that he met and came home full¬†of enthusiasm about his experience, determined to go back again. This was an¬†environment where A felt understood and accepted. At the same time, he¬†was deeply moved by the experiences of the other young people he met. He¬†felt a deep sadness at the reports of rejection and prejudice he heard about,¬†while at the same time feeling a sense of deep gratitude that his own experience¬†had been one of acceptance and support. This was a key motivating factor for¬†A, who became a peer mentor and support figure born from a deep sense¬†of responsibility to redress the balance in the experiences of others and to¬†support them on their own journey. A‚Äôs involvement with Outreach, the¬†community, the supportive adults and the shared sense of purpose has been a¬†defining life experience. A is now studying Cultural Anthropology at¬†University with an unshakable focus on his sense of purpose as he looks to his¬†future adult life with a clear goal of making a career of supporting vulnerablegroups with kindness and promoting equality and tolerance. I am deeply¬†grateful to Outreach for making a life changing difference, not only for A¬†but for all of the young people who turn to them for support.” S, (Mum)

“Its amazing I’ve seen such a change in them since they started at Outreach – more confident and less isolated – thank you”

“What a fantastic project for young LGBTQ people to meet together and be themselves – H looks forward to it each fortnight – its help us build a stronger relationship as they are happier and less stressed.”

“I hope you go on forever – so you can keep helping LGBT young people be who they really are and have the confidence to be that in their lives outside of Outreach.”

“Without you I’m not sure my child would have made it through, I’m eternally grateful …….. they needed a supportive space to know unconditional acceptance genuinely existed!”

“I have just met with parents that were singing your praises so I wanted to let you know that as a charity you are doing a great job.” (Partner Organisation)l”

“J came back and said how good it had been at your session and how they couldn’t wait for the next – thank you” (Social Worker)

“fantastic workshop by the young people – their sharing of their stories and experiences was very powerful” (Teacher)

“we often hear from young people & professionals of the difference they (OY) make and they support families. What’s more, they’re a really good bunch. (Partner Organisation)l”

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Last Updated: 16/10/19