Outreach youth Policies

Outreach youth has a number of policies that support the safe running of the charity and services to young people. Our policies include:

Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults – at Outreach youth, we strive to provide a variety of services to a very high standard.
We have a statutory duty of care to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults who attend a project or come into contact with any of our services.

At Outreach youth, we take a proactive approach to safeguarding; looking at preventative action and protecting people from abuse and neglect. As well as taking actions to prevent abuse and other forms of harm, we also have a duty to act when we believe that someone is being harmed, or is at risk.

When young LGBT*Q+ people access our services, our safeguarding information and confidentiality policy is shared with and explained to them, along with the circumstances where we may need to break confidentiality and share information with another agency, in order to protect you or someone else who may be at risk from harm.

Copies of all policies are available on request.


Last updated 17/02/20