Black Lives Matter

In Suffolk there is a whole generation of young Black leaders and activists who have powerful voices that need to be heard.

We have seen young people come together to challenge racism, and we are proud of their passion and activism.

We are of different ethnicities, speak many languages, come from a variety of cultures, practice different religions and many of us are LGBT*Q+.

We are committed to working alongside Black young people in the weeks, months and years ahead to create real change through dismantling structural racism. Drawing on the common threads of our shared humanity.

It is  time for Outreach youth as an organisation to look at ourselves and understand our contribution to perpetuating the situation, however unintentional.

We acknowledge that as a primarily white organisation we need to take action to address the lack of diversity within our charity and to challenge the structural racism in society.

We are with you.


Our Action Plan


  • Statement of support and intention
  • A diversity audit of our work – from Trustee level to how we provide and run our activities and services.
  • Anti-Racism / Race Awareness training for volunteers and staff
  • Engaging with Black LGBT*Q+ young people
  • Engaging with Black community organisations
  • Anti-Racism curriculum with youth work project