To celebrate LGBT*Q+ History Month 2020 – young people from the Ipswich LGBT*Q+ youth group co-produced an event with workers, which was held at Ipswich Art Gallery on Friday 21st February 2021.

Following the national LGBT*Q+ History Month theme for 2020 of ‘ Poetry, Prose and Plays’, the young people performed individual poems and spoken word pieces.

In recognition of the dedication to the month to journalist Lyra McKee, the letter that Lyra wrote to her 14 year old self was also read as part of the evenings performances.

The event also saw a small group of young people and workers come together as the Outreach youth choir – performing, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, ‘I Can’t help Falling In Love With You’ and ‘Freedom’.

The young people impressed everyone with their amazing skills, talents and confidence  both as performers and those helping behind the scenes.

Feedback from attendees was totally positive, highlighting the confidence and abilities of the young people.

Angelle Joseph, hosted the event and recorded some of the spoken word pieces performed by young people which were played on the Radio Suffolk BBC Belongings show on Monday 24th February 2020.