Thanks to generous funding from The Vegetarian Society, linked to National Vegetarian Week 2018, Outreach youth was able to hold its very first “Veggie Feast” on Friday 18th May 2018.

The event was led by young people – planning the food, acquiring the ingredients, preparing and cooking the food, then sharing and serving their peers.

Young people were supported by Georgi, an Outreach youth volunteer and professional chef – who showed small groups of young people how to preparing the ingredients – using techniques that would produce consistent results and be safe.

Some of the food available included Fruit Smoothies, Sweet & Sour Noodles, Mushroom Couscous, Tomato Couscous, Salads and dressings, Pineapple Tarte Tatin, Tofu and Cinnamon Custard – all very tasty and delicious.

Feedback from all young people was positive and from this future meal-shares are planned.